About Us

Learning Productivity Tool
Immerse2learn online training solutions are used to develop a skilled workforce in the fields such as engineering, manufacturing and automation. Our learning content is developed with industry experts and technology providers to ensure the most relevant information and assessments address the skills needed to be productive and succeed in today’s competitive workforce.

Learning solutions are available for companies, individuals and educators.  Certificate and customized solutions focus on core knowledge and fundamental skills that can be applied to actual technology, process and critical decision making.

Total Training Solution
By combining multimedia such as true simulation, animation, video and audio with an easy-to-use Learning Management System (LMS), Immerse2learn delivers a comprehensive interactive environment to train, assess and certify.

Courses are designed based upon industry competencies and comprised of specific skills learning objectives.  Skills leaning objectives are delivered in an easy to understand step-by-step approach and is reinforced with interactive exercises, animations, and video. Since the courses are broken into focused modules, most learning sessions can be completed in less than 45 minutes.

By combining an easy-to-use Learning Management System (LMS) with a Virtual Training Environment (VTE), Immerse2learn provides a powerful training environment used to teach actual procedures and technology.

Virtual Training Environment (VTE) uses powerful “flight simulator” technology to deliver truly innovative learning experience. VTE for CNC, Robotics and other automation provides unlimited access to train and rehearse.  This allows learners to develop greater confidence and proficiency prior to performing actual procedures and operating equipment.

Unlimited access to train and rehearse in a virtual environment enables students to develop greater confidence and proficiency prior to performing actual procedures and operating actual equipment.

Lathe_control_HVTE allows educators to:

  • Overcome barriers such as access to equipment
  • Increase training contact time
  • Minimize risk of injury or equipment damage
  • Real-world characteristics accurately mimic actual manufacturing systems such as:
  • Geometric Models
  • Motion
  • Program Language
  • Control Logic
  • Control Alarms
  • Control Types
  • Material Removal
  • VTE’s true 3D simulation and emulated controls provide a real-world learning experience.
  • In VTE, user can:
  • Set work and tool offsets
  • Write, edit, and save programs
  • Load CAM output
  • Access a library of machines


All course skills learning objectives are aligned to assessments to accurately measure student comprehension.  All assessment results recorded into an assessment report to provide a comprehensive student portfolio.  Upon successful completion of courses, students are awarded earned.  Upon receiving required badges in a discipline a certificate will be awarded.

Since our learning Content is aligned to National recognized certification standards such as the National Institute of Metalworking Standards (NIMS), students can learn and prepare for other national certification assessments.